When you're not surfing in Canggu

After surfing, or maybe before, or even when you don't surf at all, there comes a moment you need some food when you're in Canggu. I listed a couple of my favorite warungs, places for breakfast and lunch and spots for dinner.


Warung Bu Mi
One of the famous Warungs in Canggu. Across the street of Avocado café. 
Typical Warung style, where you go to the buffet to tell what to put on your plate, starting with 3 choices of rice. After that there is a huge choice of chicken, fried vegetables, fish and different kind of noodles. Great quality of food for a very good price, order a full plate and a drink and you will spend around 45/50 K IDR. Enjoy your local meal! 

Warung Makan Dido
Another fine spot for a warung lunch or early dinner. I can recommend the skewers with eggplant, deep-fried corn fritters and the chicken-sesame skewers. 

Warung Oke
A great spot, just outside Canggu on the main road. Very nice view over the rice fields from the bamboo Baruga, a wooden hut. Where you can sit with around four people. Good value for money are the combo sets. A combo with Nasi campur, fruit salad and a drink for less than 40K IDR. 

Warung Passo
A bit outside Canggu, but worth a short scooter ride. Recommendations are the prawn curry, witch is spicy, be careful, but very tasty! Also the Soto Ayam and the grilled tuna steak are both very good!

Warung Dandelion
Watch out, a tourist spot, a lot of Dutch people and Germans around here! Not a typical warung, it has a more expensive look and feel, cotton napkins and wine glasses give away a more luxurious setting. Great food, a bit small portions but very good taste in general. Excellent service and and a nice garden. 


A true hotspot for breakfast and lunch. Join others if there is a chair free, because at this place it’s always busy. Order at the counter and enjoy great drinks and excellent food. One of my favorites? The breakfast burrito! Cheesy, creamy and with bacon. What else do you need? 

Lunch, lunch and lunch! Oh yeah, they also have breakfast!
Burrito’s, steak sandwiches or burgers, Canteen is the place to go! Hop on your scooter and have a good bite @ Canteen. "The burger seems to be a great choice"!

One of the newest spots in Canggu, really cool interior, excellent coffees and friendly staff. Favorites are Avo on Toast, Smoothie Bowls and Tuna Tartare! Also an excellent spot when you have your laptop and need to do some work. They provide power plugs and excellent WiFi. 

Milk & Madu
In the area of Canggu Club you’ll find Milk & Madu, an open spacious place to go for excellent lunch. Only have been here once, but enjoyed a great dish with Falalel. Really nice place to go back to!

The Shady Shack
Vegetarian place, with a garden terrace. A bit pricy, but tasteful menu. 
Have been here once and had a bowl with grilled haloumi for lunch. Lot of tasteful flavors and fresh ingredients. 


La Laguna
Great venue situated next to the laguna, with gypsy inspired surroundings and amazing atmosphere. When you enter the restaurant through a path you pass by some gypsy caravans that are used as private dining spaces. The total concept is very cool and they have a high attention for detail. The music, the service and the total surroundings makes it one of the better places around Canggu. Definitely worth a visit for lunch or diner. 
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Deus ex Machina
In the middle of Canggu, all about bikes, surfing and a total vibe. Special movie nights and a good mostly western menu. Burgers, pizza, steaks and pasta. 

Bottega Italiana
New kid on the block, open for around four months, their first location opened in Seminyak. Real Italian food, with home-made pastas, cured meats, cheeses and great coffee. 

Tuna, tuna and more tuna! PokePoke is all about Poke bowls! Bowls filled with rice (if you want) vegetables and raw tuna. Topped with different toppings that you like and different sauces. Remarkable. they have a swing in the middle of their cosy restaurant. The bowls have a great taste, fresh ingredients and are quickly served. Good spot for quick lunch or dinner. Tip: want some other food or a Bintang? You can order next door at Roti Canai and sit in PokePoke or vice versa.

La Baracca
Next to The Shady Shack you’ll find La Baracca. An Italian restaurant with good service. They offer bread with oil and balsamic vinegar, a small appetizer and small dessert from the house. I decided it was time for some pizza, a good choice. But the appetizer, gnocchi was also promising. A cool place with an Italian owner. Very nice vibe around here.