How to make Pho Bo! Beef Noodle Soup

In this video I will explain how to make to famous Pho Bo, Beef Noodle Soup!

Watch the video and download the recipe, made by Red Bridge Restaurant, and enjoy this delicious soup at home!

Pho, say it is Veau, is a Vietnamese noodle soup. The most common ones are Pho Bo, with beef, and Pho Ga, with chicken.  It differs from north to south in Vietnam, but the basics is a good broth, chicken or beef, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, lime and chili pepers. 

Vietnamese eat it as breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can find it everywhere, On the markets, the food stalls and of course at a lot of restaurants. 

What are you waiting for??? Download the recipe, watch the video and make this delicious Pho soup at home!