Ubud Raw Chocolat is an innovative product, it's handmade, unprocessed cacao mixed with coconut. 100% vegan, but with a creamy taste and a full cocoa taste like dark chocolate.

It is a young company, founded in 2015 by Briton Rolf Gibbs, traveling after 10 years, landed in Bali. Inspired, he has developed this product by Swiss and Belgian chocolate, but he uses locally grown cocoa for. Currently, the product is already in more than 70 locations available in Bali, Lombok and in Tokyo, Japan. It is a fresh product, 6 days a week is made fresh and has a shelf life of 7 days (refrigerated). There are three flavors, which sell all three equally well. Cashew with raisins, Pure & Raw and Mint with Goji berries.

A beautiful story is that the company has started with an initial capital of Rp 100,000, which is actually only 7 euros. For this, Gibbs 1 KG bought cocoa from which he made the first products, the income he bought another 3 KG Cocoa and so is the organically grown further.

Ubud Raw Chocolate